My top 10 TV-Series (No spoilers)

I have a bad habit. Whenever I am supposed to do something, such as cleaning or homework, I procrastinate. This week I should have been out shopping, trying to find things like a good, but affordable, headlamp for my trip. Instead I have been watching a lot of TV. People often ask “what’s you favorite show?” so I thought I should make a Top Ten!:)

I love following my favorite shows; sitting down in the evening with a bowl of popcorn in my lap, trying to guess what will happen next. My top list could have been top fifty, but who wants to read such a long list? Not to mention the long, unavoidable explanation of it?

My top 10 TV-Series

  1. NCIS
  2. Sense8
  3. Abnormal Summit/ Non-Summit (Korean)
  4. One Tree Hill (Ended)
  5. White Collar (Ended)
  6. Game of Thrones
  7. Numb3rs (Ended)
  8. Community
  9. House of Cards
  10. City Hunter (Ended + Korean)

The unavoidable explanation:

NCIS is number one mainly because it is my go-to series. I have followed the show for years and years and am very attached to the characters. How could I not be? They have saved the world at least ten times, and seldom fail to catch the I-Killed-A-Marine guy.


Sense8 is a Netflix Original. It aired this year and I watched it with my brother almost right after it popped up in Recommendations. I was hooked already from the first episode. The concept of people being able to communicate like the characters could was intriguing.
Of course, it didn’t exactly hurt that the show gets weirder and weirder as it goes either. Sense8 has a unique feel and I really enjoy the excitement it gives with almost killing the characters in most of the episodes.


Abnormal Summit (or Non-Summit) is a Korean variety show. It features foreigners currently living in South Korea (all men by the way), debating topics sent in by Koreans. The debate is in Korean and can revolve around everything from women’s rights and child abuse, to the difference in eating habits in the countries the foreigners represent, to pop culture. They debate with a lot of humor, which probably is the most important reason I like the show. In addition I learn insider facts about cultures in countries such as Belgium and China. I think most people would enjoy this show if they could get past the fact that they have to watch it with subtitles, and that it is different from American or British shows.


Short explanation of the rest of the list (to make this blogpost shorter than eternal):

  • I have forgiven One Tree Hill for all the headaches it gave me. When I watch reruns now I enjoy the unnecessary drama. I know how it will end, so now I can finally just laugh at it all.
  • White Collar reminds me of a movie I love; Catch me if you can. It is really similar: lots of humor and some drama and action. Plus, Matt Bomer (who plays the conman Neal caffrey) is absolutely gorgeous. He also does a kickass hat trick you just have to admire him for.
  • Game of Thrones would have been further up the list – if I had not watched the last episodes of season 5. I doubt that I am alone about this. Hopefully they will let the characters that lately only have walked around being weak (I am looking at you female characters) have comebacks. And they will fix what they did at the end of the finale. He just cannot be dead.
  • I hate math, but I love numb3rs (sorry, I could not resist). This show is similar to series like CSI and NCIS in setup, but it more of a warm fuzzy feeling. It is more about laughing and enjoying the good moments between the characters.
  • Community is for all you movie-loving nerds out there. It’s a comedy show filled with references to films and other shows. It brings your childhood fantasies of having a paintball war at school to life, and much much more that you never imagined – but of course is hilarious.
  • House of Cards. It is creepy to watch, to think that politicians can be so… Murderous. Yet it is fascinating and exiting. In addition the effects are amazing. I have liked the show from the first time Kevin Spacey turned and talked directly to the camera, surprising me enough to lean back.
  • City Hunter is another Korean show. It’s an action-romance about a guy’s attempt to avenge his father’s murder. He is resolved to focus on his mission to bring the people responsible to justice. However, he meets a woman and develops feelings for her, and his uncle is not who he that he was, and what was that about his dead parents?

I enjoy all the series listed here and I am still not sure if I have placed them in the correct order. Making a top 10 list of TV series is harder than it looks.
Don’t take my word for it – give it a go yourself!

2 thoughts on “My top 10 TV-Series (No spoilers)

  1. My top 10 list:

    1. 24. Love the unique style with the split screen and the real-time aspect, the action and the unexpected twists + Jack Bauer is my hero

    2. Bones. Love all the characters and the chemistry between Booth and Bones. it’s also a good procedural drama.

    3. Dexter. A fantastic show, with the 4th season as the highlight, sad that the season finale didn’t live up to the fans’ expectations. Loved Dexters thoughts/voiceover.

    4. House of Cards. Many of the same reasons as you. Kevin Spaceys acting is fantastic.

    5. Homeland. Gotta admire Carrie + you know I love all things CIA.

    6. Modern Family. A hilarious show with such unique, but still “normal” characters, that is possible to relate to. Impossible not to love this family.

    7. Angel (spin-off from Buffy the Vampire Slayer). Love the characters personalities and the chemistry between them. The sci-fi part of the show is also pretty cool. I would also put the first three seasons of BTVS here, just because Buffy and Angel is one of TVs most perfect couples. (and BTVS and Angel kind of belong together).

    8. The Originals. I’ll admit that it’s not a GOOD show, but I still manage to enjoy it, much because of a certain handsome gentleman called Elijah <3.

    9. Breaking Bad. This is a really good show, as opposed to number 8 on the list. I like the "hunted by a family-member" – thing that happens when Hank chases Walt. It reminds me about the Dexter/Debra relationship in Dexter.

    10. Heroes. Only making my list because the first season (and maybe the second?) was awesome and because I loved Nathan <3. I really liked the concept of the show, with all the different abilities. It really sucks that the writers destroyed the series with some weird and stupid twists and storylines in the last seasons.

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    1. I have never watched Angel or The Originals, but I totally agree with you on the other shows. I like them all, and had I made a longer list, they would have made it on it. I think I would have ranked Modern Family and Bones higher than the others though, probably because I just love comedies!


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