Travel essentials for Namibia, Africa (main luggage)

It’s less than two weeks until I’m leaving. Lions, cheetahs, a new and different culture; I can’t wait!

I will stay in Namibia for two months, at a camp five hours from the capital (Windhoek). If I forget something, there’s not going to be a store nearby for me to buy that item. Therefore it is even more exciting than usual to pack my suitcase.

Here are some of the things that I think are important to bring:


I arrive when summer starts in Namibia and I really don’t want to get a sunburn, therefore Sunscreen is a must.  I’ve heard there can be quite a lot of mosquitos, so I’m also bringing repellent – one for the skin and one to be applied on clothes. Aloe gel and a soothing lotion can become handy if I do get burned, although I hope I don’t.
In addition I will bring several types of pills:
Idoform and Immoduim are for the stomach, Resorb is for fluid replacement, and Paracet and Ibux are in case I get a headache.
Pyrisept is a liquid used to clean wounds, and Xylocain is a liniment for bites and other damages to the skin.


My hat and sandals; I don’t travel anywhere warm without them.
In the picture you can also see a mosquito net, wipes, an adapter, a baggage weight, a hand disinfectant, a videocamera and battery that you can charge and then use to charge your phone on the go.

I have given much thought into whether or not I should bring the videocamera. If I’m unlucky it can get stolen, will I really use it that much and isn’t it more practical with just a camera? These are just some of the things that I have debated. However, I’ve figured that getting my trip on film will be cool to have in the future, and that that means enough for me to take the risk of bringing it.

Besides, who wouldn’t want to document Africa?

P.S, obviously I am also bringing clothes, however they are not included here as they are mostly plain. The animals don’t like patterns and bright colors, and getting on the bad side of a lion is not a good side to be on.

P.P.S, I would have brought plenty of norwegian snacks, for movie nights with other volunteers, unfortunately snakes would take this as an invitation to the party.

4 thoughts on “Travel essentials for Namibia, Africa (main luggage)

    1. That moment late at night when you hear hissing from your feet, although you are pretty sure they can’t hiss… Definitely best to avoid snakes:)
      Thank you, I really hope so!


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