The Last Goodbyes

There are a lot of things you have to do before embarking on an adventure. You have to obtain the correct documents, pack, buy the stuff you didn’t know you needed, repack, and put your life at home on hold. And of course, you have to say goodbye.

Confession time: I have never been apart from people I know for more than… Two days? There have always been a friend, a family member – someone. This time I am going to be separated from everyone I know for two months. People who travel alone, and have done this for some time, might say that this is actually not that long, but for a first timer? Trust me, it feels long right now. Therefore it’s been weird to say goodbye to the people around me. I’ve spent as much time with them as my schedule has allowed, and even more on the phone.
A part of me can’t wait to leave; it can’t wait to finally prove that I am ready to be independent, that I can trust myself in unforeseen situations. The other wants to take my family and friends with me.
Good thing that’s not possible now. This will be freeing, exiting and nerve-wracking, all at the same time. There are many What If’s, but I like the thought of new challenges. Whatever happens, happens, and I’ll deal with it at that time.

Everyone says goodbye to the people they care about before leaving. Today, I have taken the time to say goodbye to my nearby environment and the animals living in it as well. These two things mean a lot to me and always have. I’ll let the pictures do the talking (because they are supposed to be worth a thousand words each, right?)




Curiosity didn’t kill this cat.

Disclaimer: My neighbor’s cat.


“I’m warning you human, I’ve got claws and am not afraid to use them!”

Disclaimer: Another neighbor’s cat
Disclaimer part two: A neighbor’s car


Until next time everyone (which will be in a couple of days), goodbye!

P.S, No worries guys, I’m well-aware that I will not be able to maintain that “whatever happens, happens” attitude when I probably get lost (My sense of direction is nowhere to be found).

4 thoughts on “The Last Goodbyes

  1. I’m sure you will love it! Travelling by yourself is actually really liberating. And you will meet so many amazing people! 🙂

    Cute pictures of your “pets” 🙂

    Have a safe trip!! Can’t wait to read your posts from Africa.

    Liked by 1 person

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