Wish me luck!

17:05. My god, I’m really doing this.

17:18. The flight leaves at 17:55, breathe.

17:22. What have I signed myself up for this time?

17:30. This is going to be AMAZING.

I am waiting at the gate, trying desperately not to listen in on the conversation to the two men sitting next to me. They’re from England and are having a rather interesting conversation. That poor guy in the black jacket has been pushed out of his job, saying: “I couldn’t stay, I didn’t want to work at a place like that”. The other guy responds “you did the right thing”.

I’ll put on headphones now, it seems to be getting personal. What a rude boss the guy had.

So much to write, so litle time.

Wish me luck:)



P.S. If anybody asks I’m going to be a tourist in Namibia. My visa hasn’t been sent me yet, so I have to enter as such. I’m not going to work at Harnas Wildlife Foundation. Not at all.

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