I think the cheetahs like me

Volunteering at Harnas, Namibia, Africa.

First impression: Wow. Amazing. Don’t go too close. My food, not yours. The animals that look the cutest are also the meanest (I’m looking at you baboons).

I arrived at Harnas Friday evening. My first night here was, I’m not going to lie; it was scary. A new and different place, I don’t know anyone, and the sounds of the animals right outside my cabin – it was a lot to take in.
However, it was only my first night, so what else can one expect? Before we went to bed we introduced ourselves to the other volunteers and were asked seven questions to break the ice:
1. What’s your name? (Ragnhild)
2. How old are you? (19)
3. Where are you from? (Norway)
4. What do you do back home? (I’m a health worker)
5. What’s your favorite fruit? (This one caught me by surprise, so I just quickly answered banana, although I’m not sure if that really is my favorite fruit.)
6. Are you a cat or dog person? (Cat <3)
7. Are you taken or single? (The latter).

The people already at Harnas have asigned groups, and everyone had to make a song about the place. They sung as a kind of welcome, and introduced themselves. This is a tradition, I’ve been told. I and the other “newbies” will have to partake in this later. Yey!

Yesterday (Saturday) and today, we have been meeting some of the animals. Here’s what I think so far: The baboons will ruin anything you have in your pockets. The cheetahs are lazy, but loves when you pet them. Be careful around “Pumba”. He is nice to you, but not to your clothes.

Here are two of the animals I’ve met ( I want to upload more photos but the Internet here can’t handle it 😦 )

I’m going to keep my eyes on you, Pumba.

First day, first hole.

I could have stayed like that forever, and judging by the purrs, so could the cheetah.

P.S. My “Yey!” to the singing is drenched with sarcasm. Just saying.

14 thoughts on “I think the cheetahs like me

    1. Thanks, I miss you too!

      I have, and all his 20…30- or something friends. They can be really mean though, and their claws are sharper than you think…

      I met Simba earlier today. He was hungry😊


      1. That’s so great for you! 🙂

        We went to Shambala Game Reserve, a two hour drive away from Joburg. It was absolutely lovely, but as we were just there for three nights, we did only see 4 out of 5 of the Big Five 😦

        Liked by 1 person

  1. My favorite fruit would definitly be banana 🙂 I would think apple was yours? 😛

    Sounds like the first days has been awesome! Not everyday one can pet a cheetah (okay, maybe everyday for you the next two months). 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Nah, I like banana better (at the moment at least). However, I’m not sure if it can compete with watermelons and strawberries…

      I don’t think I’ll be petting it everyday either, although I would like to;)


      1. Strawberry is not a fruit though 😉 Personally I prefer honeymelon over watermelon^^ But of all the fruits, banana is definitly the winner 🙂

        Which of the Big Fives do they have there? 🙂


        1. Yeah, I know, but it was accepted as an answer 🙂 Just like baboon-person was accepted to the cat or dogperson question. I was the second person to answer the questions, so I didn’t know that, or that I could choose two if I wanted to.


  2. Please update soon!! 🙂 I want to hear more about your travels. Can you show us some pictures of the camp? And the food? And just life in Africa in general 😀 ? Maybe you could do a post on a regular day for you down there- to give all of us an impression of what it’s like 🙂

    PS: have you seen any giraffes?

    Liked by 1 person

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