My Caracal Friends

They seem like cats, but can kill 20 sheep in one night. People call them evil (because they don’t eat all their kills), but if you had heard them purr – you would argue otherwise.

We have a lot to do here at Harnas. Volunteering is not a vacation. These last days I have been on foodprep, which means that I have been cutting vegetables, seperating donkeymeat from the donkey’s bones and fur, and been feeding the animals. The adult cheetahs are by far the coolest animals to feed. They get up on a platform and eat from bowls we hold in front of them.

After foodprep we have animal interaction. There are many animals you can interact with, and my favorites this far are the two caracals; Bonnie and Jesse. They’re lazy and love to sleep, but sometimes they’re also playful and can keep going for what seems like forever – in 45 degrees (celsius). I like to sit with them and read. They lay down beside me and want me to pet them. It’s surreal, but brings a calm I have never experienced before. One you can only achive in the quiet purr of a wild, but friendly, animal that enjoys your company as much as you enjoy his.

I hope everyone is having a great week, and if you have any questions, about Harnas, volunteering, or anything – feel free to ask!


Caracals spooning ❀

P.S. Okay, I’ll admit it, almost as much as I enjoy their company…

9 thoughts on “My Caracal Friends

    1. Honestly, i don’t know what kangaroos are like. They’re cute, and they can certainly jump (if they can be bothered), but mostly they’re like cats – playful and lazy πŸ™‚
      Today one of them tried nibbling on my toes (I sometimes take my shoes off; they like to play with them), but then I just told them no, and they stopped. (Yes, my heart skipped a beat).

      I hope to upload more pictures, but the Internet here is really bad, so sadly there’s nothing I can do but try and try again:(


  1. Hi, I’m trying to get rates from Harnas to volunteer with a friends 2 weeks in summer 2016, but they are not answering at the emails, can you help me with that? And can you tell me something more about your experience with the animals they have (which one you can interact with) and the accommodation (like rooms and wifi connection)?
    Thank you


    1. How long is it since you tried to contact them? It took several weeks before they answered me.

      If you take a look at the other posts at my blog, you’ll find most of your answers there:) But I’ll sum some of it up for you:

      You can interact with cheetahs, caracals, merecats, baboons, vervets and so on. The acommodation is primitive, you live in a hut with four beds and not much else. Check out the post Showering With Spiders, and feel free to comment on it if you have more questions about how we live here. I think I explain most of it though πŸ™‚

      Concerning Wifi you have to remember that you will be in the middle of the Kalahari desert, and that this is Africa. Sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn’t. It’s slow, but far better than I expected when I came here.

      I have had both good and bad days here, but I would definitely recommend it! However, be prepared to work – this is not a vacation πŸ˜‰


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