The Baboon Bullies

They’re furry, cute and dirty, and above all – bullies. Baboon bullies. They attack when you least expect it. They grab your hair, bite and scratch.


They look peaceful… Don’t be fooled.

You are sitting in a wooden chair. In front of you there are two cages side by side. You hear the sheep and ducks running around behind you, but it’s distant; unimportant at the moment. Your focus is on the furry creatures that try to catch your eyes. You’re counting the ones in the left cage: Cookie, Lily, Charlie, Junior, Bobby, Elvis and there’s Fafa. The baby baboons are active. Loud. Dirty. Good thing it’s not you that have them as Animal Interaction today. You already need a shower, being with them would require showering twice. Ah, so Amanda is in here too, now. She is such a dramaqueen. A spoiled brat. The smallest in size, but best in troublemaking. How come such tiny lungs can make such noise?

I sure look cute though.

You shake your head and turn toward the cage on the right. There’s Bella, Olly and Chloe. Only a few brave ones ventures into this cage. Only a few stupid ones stands too close to it. You were one of those stupid ones the other day. They almost pulled out a big chunk of your hair. That day you learned how strong baboons are. And how sharp their nails can be:

IMG_3814   Auch!

You woe to not underestimate them again, and not look into their eyes. You do not want a baboon to think that you are challenging him. Being easy prey was bad enough.

You get up and take one last look at the baboons. Will they ever respect you? Will you ever be the one they run to when they’re scared? You’ve got seven weeks left to become a baboon person, although, judging by the look one of the teens is giving you – you’re more of a cheetah person.

I’ll get you next time.

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