Reading to the blind monkey

Speak calmly. Don’t touch. Move slowly. These are the guidelines when interacting with the blind monkey.

12186179_915309945202678_1424459901_oHere lives Audrey ❤

Her name is Audrey. She was kept in a basement for no one knows how long. Years. One day her keeper grew tired of her and let her out. The sun was too strong for her eyes and she lost her sight. Someone saw her wandering around; scared, and took pity. They called Harnas Wildlife Foundation, and here she is – looking at you without seeing you.


It’s your first time with her, so you’re slightly nervous. Will she respond at all when you start reading? Should you read with passion, or like you would if you were reading a lexicon? You decide upon the first and settle in against the wall. The sand is cold and you dig your toes down in it.

“Welcome to the beautiful Sinclair family. No one is a criminal. No one is an addict. No one is a failure.”

You look up. Audrey carefully makes her way to you. She reaches out, feeling your sunburned arms.

“What are you reading strange creature?”

“Audrey, this is a young-adult book called “We Were Liars”, I haven’t read it myself yet, so I don’t know if it’s any good. But the beginning sure sounds interesting though, right?”

She is feeling your shoulders now. Your neck. Your face. Then she moves away. Turning her back to you, climbing slowly up to her bed.

You let out a breath you didn’t know you were holding. You know Audrey is harmless, she is even kind, but you can’t quite forget the fact that she’s a vervet. When this type of monkey attacks, it goes for the neck.

You sit there and read for hours, and Audrey apparently doesn’t find the book as fun as you, because she falls asleep. You smile, close your book and stand up.

“Goodbye, I’ll see you another day.” You open the door to leave, but turn around to take one last look at her. She lifts her head. Are her eyes really sad, or is it only your imagination?

You’ll bring Audrey your banana if you get one at lunch. You’ll bring Audrey all your bananas.

P.S. And your friend’s banana.

11 thoughts on “Reading to the blind monkey

  1. Audrey is such a cuuuuutie. It makes me so happy that she now has a safe, good home. I can’t believe anyone can treat an animal like she was before she came to Harnas.

    Big internet-hug from me 🙂 ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I am so glad she is here. I don’t understand it either, how someone can treat an animal like that. I felt so sorry for her when I left her. But she got lots of bananas. Lots:)

      Aww, big hug ❤


  2. Aw, poor Audrey, thank god Harnas saved her. Unbelievable how some people can treat animals…she looks very cute indeed 🙂

    (btw you know what character I am associating the name Audrey with, right? 😉 )


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