Come, cheetah, come!

Irretractable claws. Strong lungs. Rough playing. Soft fur. Cheetah.

Hello there.

There are five of them. Five troublemaking little monsters. They jump you from behind, give you an unexpected haircut and make you smile as if it was christmas. They are the Baby Cheetahs. Only a few months old.

12209014_918333828233623_673461240_o  12180598_918334788233527_1572214875_o 12192855_918334884900184_515296852_o  12193959_918333561566983_1110103215_o

I don’t know how many of them there are.

24 in one enclosure outside of the Farm – wild and dangerous.


Max in the Lifeline – independent, but cuddly.


Max loves to be pet and drink from your hand. He hears you calling him from kilometers away and will find you even if you drive away…

And on the Farm we have several in different enclosures.

Pride and her three week-old cubs – powerful and smart.

12200809_918357484897924_1393914376_n 12204817_918357781564561_223653113_n
Your majesty.


I first thought she had killed a mongouse, but it turned out to be one of her cubs. She is the smartest cheetah I’ve met. When she had her cubs she fooled everyone to think she had lost them – running off and giving birth in secret; returning as if nothing had happend. Thank god they are alive ❤

The trio – old and lazy.

12208931_918332004900472_908340999_oRaw meat. Yummy.

The first time I met these guys, my pulse was faster than when running. We handfeed them. Crazy. Amazing.

Mauritz – the survivor of a leopard attack.

12209065_918336031566736_1069164389_o  12209016_918362734897399_806392284_o12204072_918362884897384_1657029686_o  12204175_918335588233447_644455019_o
What’cha looking at?

This guy goes from kind to grumpy in seconds. Who can blame him though? All the flies around that wound cannot be comfortable.

And Athino – the “yes, I’m a Greek God”.

12194145_918332618233744_56879820_o  Look at me. And from this angle. Ey, you still looking?

Cheetahs are dog-like cats. You can train them. When we feed the 24 and the trio we call them “Come, Cheetah, come!” and they come. Most of the time. The lazy ones sometimes can’t be bothered.

They will be loyal to you until the end if you treat them right. They would love to play with you, not realizing that that would kill you.

12204549_918332754900397_329183274_n  12182162_918334158233590_2132676366_n
This little wound is from when Athino wanted to play with me on a walk. Good thing some reactions come naturally.

When cheetahs hunt they go for the easy prey. The small prey. The prey with its back turned. This minimizes the chance that they will be hurt and ensures that they can hunt again later.

That is why Mauritz earlier this week chose to make a great escape from his enclosure to eat the baby lamb all of us volunteers are so fond of. Poor Macchiatto (lamb) got quite a scare…

I’ll keep you safe.

P.S. Purrrrr… Purrrrr….P.P.S. I think hearing cheetahs purr must be one of my favorite experiences here. I’ll have to record them before I leave.

9 thoughts on “Come, cheetah, come!

  1. Just wanted to say thank you for making this post – it included a lot more pics than usual, must have taken some time to upload. And also, thanks for being such a good writer, I’m always looking forward to read your posts.

    Now I understand what you were saying when you were talking about them – the baby cheetahs are really cute 😀

    Macchiato, such a nice name on a lamb, haha. Glad Mauritz didn’t do more harm to it. Although I pity Mauritz too, having that wound. Besides cheetahs, which big species from the cat family do you work with?


    1. Thank you, I really appreciate that. Your comment totally just put a smile on my face 🙂

      Yeah, they really are! However, they do bite 😉

      Seriously, most people won’t believe how most of the volunteers reacted when they heard Mauritz did that. They all went like: “Go Mauritz!”. He may have a big hole in his head, but once a cheetah – always a cheetah. Poor Macchiatto actually died recently. A few days after I wrote this post. The veterinerian thinks he ate something bad. In one moment I had him on my lap, in the next he just wasn’t there anymore. So strange and sad.

      We have for exanple lions and leopards 🙂


  2. I love this post, and I love their names!! 🙂 I can’t believe Max can hear you call from kilometres away!! The Cheetahs are just gorgeous ❤


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