There and back again

A smiling camel. A walk at the bottom of the sea. Baboons. Cheetahs. Caracals. Billions of stars. A soulful city. The world. Home.

It’s the last day of the year. New adventures are ahead. Yet, right now, it’s time to look at the ones behind me. Cyprus, Namibia, Scotland and then back to Norway. I’ve been out in the great wide world, on my own for the first time in my life. Seen and done things I never thought I would. I’ve returned, but haven’t returned. When I close my eyes and remember, I feel myself there, living the best and most challenging moments again.


My first meeting with a camel, and he spit on me… It was one bumpy ride!


Taking a walk, feeling like an astronaut that got lost. In Cyprus’s blue, blue water.


“Hey I heard you were a wild one”. Cheetahs stole my heart, one by one. Purr by purr.


Soft fur. Calm, friendly purr. A moment of pure bliss.


My Safe Haven in a land completely different from my own, was an enclosure with two animals that can take down prey two to three times their size. One of them died in the two months I spent there, and I remember the sweat pouring off my body as I dug her grave with my own hands.


It took a while for me to learn to speak Baboon, but in the end we were able to communiate on a basic level. Me, Human. You, NOT bite me. Your last hugs made up for all those nights when the injuries you inflicted on me kept me awake.


Scotland. The land of magnificent castles and happy people. I can still smell the ginger bread and wooden statues at the christmas market, in the heart of soulful Edinburgh.


The long stressful way home. Sometimes it doesn’t turn out as planned. Sometimes you’re just along for the ride. Even if you have to run half of it.

This is the place I left before catching my first plane.

This is the one I came back to. Not a Winter Wonderland, but it’s home.

It’s been said that when you travel, you take parts of the places you visit with you back home. You also leave something behind. I took my memories, lessons learned the hard way and scars. I left sweat, blood and large pieces of my heart.

I open my eyes again. Smile. It’s been a good year.

6 thoughts on “There and back again

  1. Hi Ragnhild! It has been great to follow your adventures through your word and pictures on through this blog. Your ability to share with us your experiences and your emotions is simply amazing! It’s almost as being there – except for the scars 😉
    I wish you a happy and adventurous 2016!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Tom! Thanks for reading and commenting! It makes it so much more fun to write! I’m glad you have enjoyed my blog so far and hope you will continue to like it 🙂
      My 2016 is looking to be another year of adventures, so all is good at my end. Happy new year and good wishes!


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