A Tale of Trolls

Porsangerfjord, the fourth longest fjord in Norway, offers more than just stunning nature. At the beginning of it’s 123 km length, there are some peculiar stones. However, if the Samis are to be believed, once upon a time, they were more than that.


They were humanlike creatures, only bigger and some say uglier. What they lacked in brains, they made up for with force. Which is probably why the humans who lived at that unspecified time, let them walk from the mountain plateau with a chest filled with gold, without trying to take it. Where the Trolls were going has been lost in the many recounts of the tale. However, they came to this place, later known as Trollholmsund, and looked for somewhere to hide from the sun – but couldn’t find one. So, as the sun rose, they turned to stone.


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