Dog Sledding

The dogs that were supposed to pull me howled and refused to stand still. My god, these guys will totally throw me off.
“Are you guys ready?” The guy in charge called.
“Yeah, sure!” My two friends answered from their own dog sleds.
“Okay, go!” Off we went, my heart beating almost as fast as their paws against the ground.


Around a corner, shit, shit, shit. Up, down, slow down, slow down! Breaking as hard as I could, the dogs looked back at me “Dude, you do understand that if we are to win this thing, we have to run, right?” I looked over my shoulder; the others’ headlights were barely visible in the distance. “You passed them, isn’t that enough? I don’t even know where this trip ends.”

A sky full of stars. Wind blowing my hair back. Dark trees standing guard at each side of the path. Powder snow everywhere. On the ground. Coming closer. In my face. Neck. Remember I said they would throw me off? Turns out I was right. A little bit too fast downwards and around that corner.

We looooove playing in the snow, oh, and we hope you do too.

The dogs ran on without me, one of them turning “sucker!”
I couldn’t help myself, I laughed. Going down that hill, through the woods, what a rush! One of my friends caught up to me just then: “What happened? You okay?”
“I’m fine, I’m fine. I hope they run straight home.”
“Come; sit on mine.”


The owner of the dog sleds met us at the end of the hill. “So, who lost these guys?” He had been driving in front on his scooter, and of course seen them running wild. I bet they enjoyed that. However, they had to take me to the finish, so we had a moment where we made up.

Free hugs ❀

Not far from the end, we came to a frozen river. My dogs ran as if they hadn’t already run 30 km. The northern lights danced ahead. In that moment, there was no place in the entire world that I’d rather be.


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