There’s no place like home, they say

I recently returned from cold, cold, stunning Northern-Norway. Now I’m back in my rainy, rainy hometown. However, I’m not staying long. They say there’s no place like home, but lately, I would beg to differ.

My thoughts feel like these seagulls; many, uncontrolled, going around and around.

Walking down the same path I’ve always walked, saying hello to the good ol’ trees that’s been there forever, I can’t deny that it’s good to be home. Yet, I have only been back for a couple of days, and now I’m ready to leave again. Anywhere, soon. Restless? Adventurous? I’ve heard this feeling be called all sorts of names. Some frown, some smile. Few understand.


They say it’s a phase. They say that when you’ve had enough, you’ll settle. But when will it be enough? Wasn’t my trip into the wild challenging in all the right ways? Should I wait to study in favor of traveling the world? Perhaps it is a phase; perhaps it will pass sooner rather than later. Studying is an adventure in itself, right? It’s a different culture, only, not in the way I’m used to. Maybe not in the way I want it to. Once again I have a choice to make. In the future it might seem like it wasn’t that big of a deal, but don’t we all know that when making choices, when aware of making them, they all feel awfully significant?


I’ll walk around this circular water, on this circular path, and pretend I’m doing it for the fresh air, and not in an effort to stop walking in circles in my head. I need to figure out if I travel to escape life, or if I travel for life not to escape me. If I can solve that, I’ll know where the green lights ahead will take me next.

11 thoughts on “There’s no place like home, they say

  1. Walking and thinking are great companion activities. I would say that it’s great to travel when you are young and free (if you can afford it, of course). Life has a habit of sneaking up on you and snapping on the handcuffs. You can study at any age. Hope you get a clear view of the green light through all that rain and mist!

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    1. Thanks for your comment, it’s great to hear what other people think:) If I choose to travel it would mean that I work a couple of months first, then travel, work again, and travel again – like I have done this year.

      Thanks you, I really hope I get a clear view too!


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