Discovering Bergen

Bergen, located on the west coast, is the second largest city in Norway. It is famous for rain. And more rain. Over the last couple of days I have experienced this first hand. It is all from very short, sudden bursts of rain, to long showers that threatens to drown anyone without an umbrella. Not that there are many people without, most citizens seem to carry one around, no matter how the sky looked when they left home.


Despite the weather, Bergen is one of the cities that is a must when visiting Norway. “Bryggen”, the old wharf, is on the World Heritage List. It’s a reminder of the town’s importance from the 14th to the mid-16th century, when it was part of the Hanseatic League’s trading empire. In addition, the colorful, wooden houses are beautiful and adds character to their surroundings.


After Bryggen is walked and photographed, the sidestreets are almost as interesting. Mostly because of their quirky names. My personal favorite is “Witchy Bitchy Bakken[Hill]”:


Discovering is hard work, so after walking up and down and around, having a “Skillingsbolle” is the best thing ever.


P.S. Bergen is the first stop of my three-week tour of Norway, where I’ll visit some of the most famous cities, but luckily I’m not leaving here yet. I’ll be back with more from this incredible city.

P.P.S. Stay dry everyone!

35 thoughts on “Discovering Bergen

  1. Such a lovely post, the Scandinavia is really beautiful I am from Dennark myself, but currently living in Sweden ❤

    went to see a bit of Norway once, but as I know everything is closed on Sunday 😀 haha!

    — Miku

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        1. Yep, I’m a norwegian through and through! It’s my first time in Bergen as a tourist though, until this year I’ve mostly traveled out of Norway, not within:)
          Right back at you! 😉


  2. Lovely post! I’ve visited Bergen twice and have a photograph of myself beneath two umbrellas. Even in the rain it’s a beautiful place. I’m originally from northeast England and feel a great infinity with the Nordic countries. Love Scandi crime fiction and TV dramas too.

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  3. Did you see “Grieghallen” and “Fisketorget”? Just a few things I saw when I was in Bergen 😉

    In contrary to Bergen, there is not much rain in Oslo 🙂 If something is falling from the sky – it’s snow!

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  4. Hi Ragnhild,
    Thank you for the visit today to my site. I am glad you liked my guest author’s post about the 25 tips.
    In response to your post. My husband and I travel extensively, but I’ve never been to Norway. Great photos. Thanks for showing me what it looks like.

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    1. I couldn’t agree more. Bergen is beautiful! It rains a lot, but it’s kind of part of its charm, don’t you think? You were lucky to catch a glimpse of the sun though, it doesn’t happen all that often 😀

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