The City of Seven Mountains

They’re everywhere. Tall, majestic and covered in snow. Bergen city is surrounded by them, and I can’t turn in any direction without them there. The mountains.


Yesterday I decided to do something really Norwegian. I decided to climb one of The Seven; Fløyfjellet (“fjellet” means the mountain). It turned out to not be as much of a climb as I expected, which I didn’t complain about at all.


Actually, the entire way up was asphalted and there were several people with strollers. Some patches of the road was covered with snow (and ice), to the delight of many kids with sledges (although I think the dads enjoyed it even more, judging from who laughed the loudest).


The view from the top was magnificent. If you ever find yourself in Bergen, this trip is definitely worth your time.



P.S The six remaining mountains are: Lyderhorn, Damgårdsfjellet, Løvstakken, Ulriken (the highest), Rundemanen, Sandviksfjellet

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