Men of Stone

Good morning/evening/night everyone! Greetings from Trondheim, Norway. I’ve left Bergen, and am enjoying exploring a new city. I spent yesterday walking around. At first with no destination in mind, but then I noticed what I never really care about in my own city – the men of stone.


In the middle of the market square there’s a man. He sees everything and everyone, and yet, most people just walk him by, never taking a second look. I wonder if they would have if they had known this man was once the King of Norway. That he, that man towering up there, helped build this country.

Down by the harbor I find another, “The last Viking”. Tall and proud he watches me approach. He is the symbol of all the men that went out to sea, women and children left behind. This man is not one man, but a thousand.


Some of those men never made it back. Especially during the Second World War many left and few returned. “Many ships and sailors never arrived in port”.


Another Man of Stone looks out to the sea. “He led the way”. It turns out it was a fairly long way too, all the way to America in the year 1000. His name is Leiv Eriksson, and he is an important symbol of ethinc pride for Americans of Nordic heritage.


I walked down street after street, and the men of stone are many! In the end I figured I couldn’t photograph them all. However, I found this last man, one I know little about, but I just loved his attitude. Some of them obviously knew their own importance!


8 thoughts on “Men of Stone

  1. I love it <3. It's so special to notice parts of the world you normally wouldn't! Enjoy your time in the beautiful city of Trondheim.

    PS. Which king was it?

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    1. The king was Olav Tryggvason (995-1000), he was also the founder of Trondheim:)

      I know, right? It’s so much easier when you’re traveling too. I’m glad you liked it, and thank you, I will! 🙂


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