The Church of Kings

Churches aren’t really my thing. When my family traveled when I was younger, we always visted the St. Mary churches. The architecture was usually stunning, but I lost more and more interest over the years. I wouldn’t count myself as much of a religious person either. However, the other day I made an exception. I went to the majestic Nidarosdomen in Trondheim, Norway.


Nidarosdomen has been around more or less since 1070. More or less because it burned down a couple of times. It’s supposed to be standing upon the grave of St. Olav/Olav the Holy, although no one really knows if this is true; the poor guy’s body has been draged across the country more than once.

Norway is a kingdom, and over the years it’s in Nidarosdomen the coronation has taken place. I wanted to photograph the crowns in the exhibition nearby, but the security guy didn’t look too friendly… He let me take a picture of a picture though!


The architecture of the church today (the miniature to the right) is mostly English gothic. In the process of expanding it, they wanted it to look more modern, so they copied the latest fashion from England.


Taking photos inside the church is prohibited, so sadly I have none to show you. The inside was spectacular, but what made my visit worth it was the organ music. A room filled with tourists went completly silent for half an hour. It was such a seldom moment of utter peace in the busy everyday life we lead.

4 thoughts on “The Church of Kings

  1. Back to the photograph album and the travel journal on reading this. Yes, we visited and we have a photo, taken on a sunny day. I’d noted that a choir, visiting from Lithuania, was singing in the church.

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    1. Haha, you were lucky with the weather! I have been too, the sun peeked out from behind the clouds on several occasions! Hopefully my posts inspire a wish to see Norway again, this country has a lot to offer:)
      Wow, must have been a good one! The acoustics in the church is amazing, so it was probably a great performance:)


    1. I agree! Wandering amongst the stones is a must, indeed;) It’s funny how one’s interest suddenly changes, in one moment I’m obsessed with buildings, in the next I can’t take my eyes of a river or a particular flower. I like that of course;)

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