The Capital of Norway

Oslo. Oslo city. A small, but yet so large place. I’ve spent today wandering around, going nowhere. Where are the colorful small wooden houses I usually see in other norwegian cities? In their place at “Akers brygge” (Akers wharf) stand tall buildings made of glass. They’ve been replaced by that Irish pub around that corner, by that restaurant that loudly plays American hits.

Oslo compared to:


In the effort of keeping up with other metropolises of the world, Oslo has changed. I have yet to decied whether it’s for the better or worse.

P.S. Oslo is “small” compared to other capitals of Europe.

10 thoughts on “The Capital of Norway

    1. The more time I spend in Oslo, the more I like the city. I guess you can say that it’s growing on me – vs that I instantly fell in love with for example Bergen. If you get the chance, I promise Bergen won’t disappoint! 🙂

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