Women of Stone

It wasn’t until I passed a woman I realized, I passed the first woman. Since I photographed statues in Trondheim  last week, I’ve paid more attention to my stony friends. However, I never noticed I only saw male figures, not before I actually saw a female. How could that be? Surely there must be more than one statue of a woman. Determind to prove myself right I started my second wandering of Oslo city this week.

Wenche foss – famous actress in the post war period, ww2

I came to a small park. It was filled with naked people. Of stone, I might add. They were all women, or women with children. It’s small parks like this that give cities their character, however, I wanted the female statues that were made because of achivement or significance – like the men of stone. I continued my search.

There was no inscription on any of the statues in this park.

Next, along Akers Wharf I found two more women of stone, but both without inscription, both not because of a specific person. They were there to create an atmosphere, again not what I was looking for.


I was beginning to wonder if the one I found first was the only one of a specific woman. Thankfully, just as I felt disappointed in earlier generations of norwegians, I found them. The Royals of Stone. Two specific women that have meant a lot to this country. In addition, not far from them I found Camilla Collette, the well-known norwegian feminist author.

To the left is queen Maud (queen from 1905-1938), and to the right is crown princess Märtha (1929-1954), she was awarded several medals, one of them being for effort during ww2.

At the back of Camilla Collette’s statue it’s written: “Reist af kvinder” which means “Raised by women”. 

P.S. I hope you all had a great International Women’s day yesterday!

A stranger came up to me on the street yesterday and wished me “happy Women’s day!” He gave me this rose. I smiled and said it back to him. Slightly puzzled he walked away.
Later on my search for Women of Stone I saw members of the norwegian Red Cross handing out roses on the town square – to both men and women. Yesterday celebrated equality, so if you’re a man and were offered a rose, I hope you dared to accept it. 

8 thoughts on “Women of Stone

    1. Yes, I must have! However, in Trondheim I wasn’t actively searching for Women of Stone, or Men for that matter. It just kind of happened, as I found it fun to discover the history of the city in a new way:) Do you know if she has an inscription? I’m glad there are women of stone in Trondheim as well!


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