Art is for everyone

I don’t know much about art. I remember a little from school about different periods, artists and such, but give me a random painting and I’ve got nothing. I’ll tell you if it’s soothing, dramatic, if it’s cold or warm – but it will be based of my feelings. It is probably because of this I tend to prefere the national romantic period, where the paintings are more straight forward.

This is probably a famous painting, but it has no significance to me. I’m glad art is as personal as it is, there’s something for everyone, and now that I’m not in school anymore, I can choose what art is for me.


These I know for a fact are famous; I remember them from class. I have analyzed them and given them more thought then I wanted to. I wonder what my teacher would have said if she had seen me at the National Gallery, alone, of my own accord. I’m not sure if she, or a younger version of me, would have been most surprised.

This one on the other hand reminds me of a place I know. It is incredibly detailed and looks like a photo from afar.

I stood looking at the painting above when one of the elderly, definitely upperclass, women from the group that was guided around at the same time that I visited, came over and asked me about it. She was facinated that I took such an interest in what seems to be such an ordinary painting, and that I, the youngest by far of everyone there, was still around after two hours.

Art is for everyone, and in my opinion one doesn’t have to know a lot about the technical specifications to want to enjoy it. Therefore, the next time you consider a gallery, but figure you aren’t really “the type”, do it anyway! Perhaps you’ll enjoy it more than you think, I know I did.

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