How to survive extreme heat

“Isn’t it very warm in Cairns, Australia now? I heard it’s warmer on that side.”

I get this a lot when I tell people about my upcoming volunteer trip. However, I’m visiting when it’s almost winter, so it’s “only” going to be 20-30 Celsius. The temperature on my last project, in Namibia, was much higher, averaging between 35 and 45 Celsius, but going on 50 on the warmest days. How do you survive this? Work in it? Well, I don’t know about you, but here’s how I did it:

1. Keep hydrated. Keep one two bottles of water with you at all times when you don’t have a place to refill nearby. Consider using thermoses instead of the regular plastic ones, as they can keep your water cool. In addition remember to drink before you’re thirsty, you need more water in a hot enviornment – drink regularly.


2. Avoid caffeine and alcohol. They have diuretic effect which increases water loss and contributes to dehydration. Take a bath instead.


3. Do like the locals and stay inside (or at least in the shade) when the sun is the strongest: 12 pm – 3 pm. Go out early or late. Work smarter instead of harder.


4. Food = Energy. Eat fresh fruit and nuts to help replenish the electrolytes (i.e., “salts” such as sodium, chloride, potassium). lost through sweat. Try to keep your meals light and balanced, if they are large they take more work to digest which will increase your temperature.


5. Cover up. Use sunblock on all exposed skin, and don’t give in to the temptation to wear as little as possible. When the temperature is high and humidity is low, sweating may not be noticeable because it evaporates quickly. Therefore remain clothed to avoid direct sun on your skin and to reduce your body’s water loss to evaporation. Lightweight and lightly colored clothes of natural fabrics such as linen, cotton, and hemp are good choices to keep comfortable.


6. Better safe than sorry. Take a couple of minutes to look up the signs of heat cramps, heat exhaustion and heat stroke. No one ever plans for something to go wrong, but often it does anyway, so plan ahead. If it doesn’t help you, then it just might help someone else.


Good luck everyone, and stay safe in the summer heat!

18 thoughts on “How to survive extreme heat

  1. water is better than the sports drinks unless you are doing sports or work where you are swearing a lot. the key word in sports drinks is “sports”. lol
    there is an old saying, only mad dogs and englishmen go out in the noon day sun. 😉
    you are one smart cookie. 🙂

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    1. Yes, sports drinks don’t belong in a very warm environment. Haha, I’ve never heard that saying! So true though 😁 Why thank you! I always appreciate your comments 🙂


      1. its ok to have sports drinks in the heat as long as you are doing some sort of work/sports that require you to replace the fluid and lytes and carbs you lost doing that activity and not just sitting around. 🙂

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  2. It is about 36-37 degees celsius here now, it’s horrible! But yes, drinking lots of water and eating more helps. I have an air conditioner, but it’s expensive to use it, so I don’t use it much. I take breaks with AC in between 😊😊.

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    1. I agree, it’s too warm! One can’t do anything in such heat! It’s smart to take breaks, and I would have loved to have an AC in Namibia! You’re lucky, although I understand why you don’t use it much if it is expensive:/ Good thing we have water available most places we go😊


    1. Haha, I know how you feel! It’s so strange to be somewhere where it’s actually warm! I wish I could take some of the warmth with me home, to Norway, only for the summer. 40 is too hot though. Where are you from? 🙂

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      1. 30-36 is perfect haha I can’t stand the icy winds and the 300 days of rain here so frustrating > Netherlands btw 🙂 Norway looks awesome! nature I mean, I just love nature. Unfortunately I can’t really see the beauty of the nature here anymore, it’s nice and green in some places but we have zero hills/mountains no super large gorgeous trees or whatever :/ it’s all flat 😑😂

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  3. I’ve only been to the Netherlands once, many years ago, to Amsterdam. A nice city, excellent conditions for cycling (porbably because of the lack of mountains, haha). And if I remember correctly, quite enviornmentally aware? Norway is indeed beautiful! The northern parts almost feel exotic to me as I have been there only once 🙂


    1. I’ve been on your blog so many times before I didn’t realize I never followed you, until today when you liked my post again, haha! I’m glad you enjoy them, I appreciate you taking the time to read and comment! 🙂

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