Surviving a 23 hour flight

“Airline travel is hours of boredom interrupted by moments of stark terror.”

– Al Boliska

I don’t remember when I first read this, but ever since I did, it has been my goal to prove Boliska (whoever that may be) wrong. Traveling by airplane doesn’t have to be boring. The key is to be prepared. Here’s what I learned flying from London to Sydney (I made it guys! I’m Down Under!!).

I believe I can fly ❤

Bring entertainment.Sure, you can enjoy the inflight entertainment. I watched The Martian, Everest (a nerve-wrecking film by the way), Fantastic Four and two Asian comedies on my trip. However, your eyes will grow tired of the screen, so bring a magazine or a book. Be smarter than me; alternate.

If you have another hobby, bring it along! There’s nothing wrong with drawing on the airplane. Whatever you enjoy – do it, you have too much time to kill to care about what other people think of your “work”.

Hydrate. I like to bring an empty water bottle that I can fill up after the security controls. If I forget to drink I easily get a headache and my skin becomes dry. I prefer to drink water on long flights to avoid often bathroom visits.

And don’t forget to eat!!

Stay comfy. Comfort over style (almost) any time. Wearing a tight dress or suit really isn’t worth it at a long flight. Change at the airport instead. Loose sitting and layered clothes can easily be adjusted to fit your needs throughout the flight.

You will have a technical stop at such a long flight, use the time well!

Move around. Staying in the same position for a large amount of time increases the probability of blood clots. And of course, it’s highly uncomfortable. Care a little bit less about what the person next to you thinks and ask him to move so you can walk up and down the aisle. Choose a time where food isn’t served and preferably before the lights are out. In addition try to move your feet while sitting. Stretch, pull back, lift up, roll your ankles.

Move around and look at the people you pass and make up stories, or look through the windows and consider if you really have the best seat.

Fatigue is okay – don’t fight it. When I’m tired; I’m really tired. I have a problem with sleeping on airplanes. I twist and turn and no matter what I’m wearing, I can’t get comfy. I have invested in one of those awesome pillows, have both an eye mask and earplugs, but no rest for the wicked. This time my lack of sleep worried me – I’m about to meet a lot of new people and start a new volunteer project, I need my energy. However worrying about not getting enough sleep is probably the worst thing you can do when going to bed. I closed my eyes and rested, and that’s better than fussing or giving up.

You can’t see it clearly here, but the light in the middle is a thunderstorm. Now I would never have been able to enjoy this amazing sight if I had been asleep, would I?

19 thoughts on “Surviving a 23 hour flight

  1. You made it!! 🙂 The longest flight I have been on was 14 hours, can’t imagine being stuck in an airplane for 23 hours! Get some sleep, and enjoy Australia!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, I certainly did! 😀

      14 hours is a long time too! 23 hours turned out to be okay, it was the flight afterwards that I became incredibly tired. Thanks, yotally jet-lagged at the moment!:)


  2. My longest flight ever was Sydney to Los Angeles nonstop (considerably shorter, but still 15 hours in the air, uninterrupted). First of all, yay, you’re in Australia! I wish I was back there. Have so much fun!
    Second- great tips. I can’t sleep on planes either and spent most of my long flight standing in the back of the plane meeting my fellow insomniac passengers.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That is still a long time!😱 How long were you in Australia for?:) I’m glad you like them, I’ll try to find some insomniacs too, on my way home. I think that would be much nicer than to look at everyone else sleeping😁


      1. Just three weeks. Not too long but it was all I could get off of work at a time, hahaha. I’ll take it. I don’t know what airline you’re on, but Qantas had this little area in the back with snacks you could just grab if you got hungry and all the insomniacs congregated there 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Three weeks is a good amount of time:) I usually spend 1-3 weeks in a country, unless I’m on interrail or a volunteer project.
          British Airways most of the trip, Qantas from Sydney to Cairns. I’ll check if they have a similar spot on British Airways on my trip home!😁


  3. Good for you to be prepared! I thought I was but it’s not enough… I was so frustrated that I wanted to get off the plane after almost 24hrs flying with 1 transit in Bangkok from New Zealand going to Switzerland. 😦


    1. Was it better on the way back? Sometimes flying is just horrible, no matter how much you prepare
      24ish hours is a lot of time, and we all get tired. Hopefully you’ll have a better experience next time!!😊


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