Australia: First Impressions

Strangely, the first thing I noticed about Australia was the Asians. As I walked around Sydney’s airport they were everywhere. I didn’t think too much of it at first, but then I noticed that several of the signs are translated to chinese and japanese. Suddenly it made sense that the last meal we were served before landing was sushi. Arriving in Cairns, Queensland, several hours later, I’m not sure it I expected less of them, but I certainly didn’t expect more. However, they were around every corner, present at every store, and audible at every attraction. Why has it never occurred to me before that a lot of Asians travel to Australia? Were there Asians in Crocodile Dundee? It makes total sense now, when thinking about it – they are quite close; why wouldn’t they go?


The second thing that hit me, was the heat. It’s almost winter in this part of the world, but it is still much warmer than Scandinavia in summer. Lucky for me the humidity has decreased drastically since summer, making it less likely to happen tropical cyclones. The humidity these days only makes it feel warmer, although in my opinion it would be hot enough without it.


Thank goodness for pools!

Now, this is where this post goes from a general Australia first impressions, to a specific Cairns and volunteer project first impressions. The hostel I’m staying at is nice; we have a pool, a large kitchen and helpful people at the reception (I would know as I already have had to change my keycard three times!). I live with four other volunteers (all Danish girls) and a random woman from Switzerland. It can be noisy in the evening, which definitely is a downside, especially the German guys playing beer pong every night have a tendency for being loud.


Welcome to my home for my next four weeks!

The project itself seems fun and different from the project I did in Namibia. We’re talking Koala’s, Kangaroo’s, crocodiles and other Australian animals. My job is to clean the enclosures, prepare food, and in general help out where it is needed. We work from 9 am to 4 pm and have two days off a week (remember i had none last time?) This leaves us plenty of time to explore the areas around the three locations we work at: Rainforestation, the Butterfly Sanctuary and the Dome. I haven’t been to the two last ones yet, but Rainforestation has friendly staff and an awesome rainforest.


PS: sorry for the mishap earlier!

24 thoughts on “Australia: First Impressions

    1. I hope so too! I hate when people don’t respect the set silence time. On this hostel it is 10:30 pm – it should be possible to move elsewhere. But, I always up for a challeng! Even as jet lagged as I still am nowπŸ˜‚πŸ˜ŽπŸ‘

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  1. Then I could walk unnoticed around in Australia^^
    How many degrees are there? πŸ™‚

    Two days off sounds nice, looks like you’re gonna have a great time down there πŸ™‚

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    1. Haha, yes you totally could!
      In early morning there are about 20 degrees. Exactly how hot it gets in the middle of the day I’m not sure, but 30+ seems like a good guess;) The locals say we are lucky to be here in (nearly) winter, because even they sometimes loath the summer heatπŸ˜‚

      It’s a luxury! At least compared to last time… 😁


    1. Indeed, super clean!πŸ˜‚ I think four weeks will be just enough to get over the jet lag, learn something new, help out, and explore the surrondings. Hopefully it will turn out great!πŸ˜ƒ

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      1. The ancient world imagined a landmass that came to be known as Terra Australia Incognita – The Unknown South Land. Later, the Dutch discovered the actual west coast and called this area New Holland, but Matthew Flinders successfully campaigned for the entire continent to be known as Australia.

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  2. What incredible adventures you get to go on! I feel like I’m living through you, lol
    So I’ve nominated you for a 3 day quote challenge, if you’re interested you can check it out here.

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  3. Darwin is a very cosmopolitan place as it is just across the water from Indonesia. Australia is classified as being part of Asia so I guess it is normal. Anglosaxon heritage is no longer the majority heritage but it means we get a lot of cultural advantages from having such a diverse population. During one of your days off go across to Green Island and on another take a trip up in the railway to Kuranda. A trip to Cooktown would also be good. Have fun. Buy some ear plugs if the noise gets too bad.

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    1. I would definitely do that if I’d had the time! I’m going to be in Cairns for a month and then Sydney for a week. It’s a far too short visit to this amazing country!


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