Selfie with a Kangaroo

“What are you so happy about?” My two supervisors look up when I enter the prep room, busy not doing their job.
“Nothing,” I say with too big of a smile. They lift their eybrows.
“Okay, so I finally managed to get a decent selfie with a kangaroo!”
“That’s great!” one of them respond in that kind of overbearing way you do when someone is excited about something you can do every day. “Well, let’s see it then,” the other one adds. Hesitating for a moment I wonder if it’s actually a good enough photo to show, but then I figure that if anyone knows how difficult it is to get a joey to hold still – it has to be them.


Bon Jovi, a cutie rescued from the wild after his mother died.

I hold out my phone and watch their faces. For a moment no one says anything. Another moment passes and they exchange looks. “I know it wasn’t the best photo, but seriously, I wasn’t that bad,” I finally say, defensively.
“It’s not the quality,” is that surpressed laughter I detect?
“It’s just that, this isn’t a kangaroo…”
I blink “what? What do you mean it’s not a kangaroo, of course it is!” I take back my phone to ensure that they are looking at me with the cutest joey ever.
“This is Bon Jovi, right?” They ask.
“Yeah,” I’m beginning to feel stupid, they’re not joking, but the picture obviously shows me with a kangaroo. Doesn’t it?


Can you spot the joey in this photo? These guys didn’t want to take a selfie with me, no matter how hard I tried to persuade them. I was literally left in the dust – as they hopped along.

“Bon Jovi is what we call a wallaby. Wallabies look like kangaroos, but are smaller.”
“But, but- He said he’d show me the kangaroos!” I point out the open door as if they would automatically know who I mean by staring into the trees outside. “He, whoever that may be, probably did show you, they are usually around the same area. You just, understandably, chose the cutest one, that just so happens to be a wallaby…”
“I hate Australian wildlife.”
“Just because you mistook a dingo for a dog, and a wallaby for a kangaroo? No worries mate! You’ll get the hang of it!”


This folks, is a kangaroo. The one at the bottom, that is.

P.S. For those of you who asked, the snake I held in my last post is a scrub python. It is not that dangerous! The snake has to be much bigger before it can squeeze the life out of me;)

16 thoughts on “Selfie with a Kangaroo

    1. Voluntourist mate;) But no, it certainly isn’t!! It’s strange how little I knew about Australian wildlife before I came here, utterly embarrassing!😂 Yeah, I love the names too!


    1. Way to make me feel better, buddy!😂👍 I agree though, I should have known! It’s ridiculous how little I know about Australian wildlife, but oh well, I’m learning it now! Better late than never, right?;)


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