Jet lag and Homesickness

People often ask me about homesickness. Being so far from home, for a long period of time, don’t I miss my family? My friends? The answer is simple – of course I do. The first few days of the volunteer project in Cairns were clouded by jet lag and homesickness. However, when I say homesickness, I don’t mean it in the sense that I want to go home, it’s more of a wish for my home to come to me. I miss the security; the comfort of having someone to lean on. Tired and feeling out of sorts, it’s strange how much bigger small problems become. I thought that it would be easier this time, to adapt and adjust. After all, how difficult could Australia be after Namibia? The culture is more similar to my own, and I live in the city instead of far, far away from civilization. Immersing yourself in a new culture; perhaps it’s never easy – no matter if you have done it once, or a hundred times before.


The first few days I just wanted to sleep. It was such a comfort to me to Skype with my family, write my friends and see all of your positive comments on the post about my first impressions of Australia.

I find it funny, how the things that challenge me the most about traveling – new people, norms, surroundings, figuring out stuff on my own – are also the things that I love the most. What would traveling be without them? We could all do without the jet lag, but I would never wish to be without the homesickness. I believe that every traveler that misses home is a lucky one, because it means that her home most likely misses her too.


Home is where the heart is, therefore I am lucky, because I have a whole lot of homes.

9 thoughts on “Jet lag and Homesickness

  1. Love this post 🙂 its true that homesickness is not necessarily about wanting to go home- but to feel like home; safe and comfortable and with people you trust. You described it perfectly! Luckily it usually passes 🙂

    Enjoy the rest of your stay down under!

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