River Rafting

Before: On the bus to the river

I’m nervous guys, not quite sure what I’ve signed myself up for. However, I feel like I should be even more nervous, but that drowns in the exitement. River rafting!! How cool isn’t that going to be?! Please don’t fall out of the raft, please don’t fall out of the raft.


If nothing else, it will be a scenic ride through the rainforest!

During:  Approaching big rapids


I’m the one in front, to the right. At this moment I’m secretly thinking “shit, shit, shit, that’s a loooong way down!”


I’m th- grublgrrfofh *cough*

After: Written on the bus home

I’m leaning my head against the window, eyes half closed. Words being sung into my ear, but I’m not listening. My body is still moving, as if I’m still in the raft. There’s a movie playing in my head, I see the others and me holding on for dear life, I see my friend’s shocked expression as she falls backwards out of the raft. I enjoy the sound of my heart, as it all slows before an incredible, wild section. I will recommend this experience to anyone, everyone. Right here, right now, I’m so happy you can’t even call it bliss.


Take me back, let me do it over. And over. And over.

9 thoughts on “River Rafting

  1. I have done this several times and it was a blast! I even was tossed out of the raft and had to float in the river a bit until the raft could haul me back in . Lol. I have even kayaked in several rivers with rapids. Good you could experience this.

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    1. Lucky you! From now on I will look for river rafting when visiting somewhere new: it was that fun! I’ve never kayaked, but it sounds like a blast! 😀


  2. That looks so fun! It must have been such an adrenaline-rush! 😀

    And another thing to cross of your list 😉 (or write and cross of, if it wasn’t on in the first place xD)

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