Sydney – A Cold Welcome

My first impression of Sydney was that the city needs more streetlights. Tired from traveling, sad for leaving my fellow wildlife volunteers in Cairns, all I could do was stare out of the window as the airport shuttle took me where I was going. Which apparently was a bit further away from where everyone else was going. The driver dropped me off last, so I had time to notice the pedestrians walking quickly down the streets. No one in Cairns ever walked fast.


The end of one adventure usually means the start of another one.

Thankfully, it felt great to be on my own. As I closed the door to my hotel room behind me, I sighed of relief. Alone, finally. No one to consider when making decisions but myself. Eat, sleep whenever. Of course I kicked off my shoes and threw myself on the bed – laughing. Some sleep would fix everything. It so often does.


Home, sweet home. Bed, sweet bed.

The bed is my favorite object of my new room. In fact, it is where I am half sitting right now. The TV is on mute, awaiting MasterChef Australia to begin. It has been a long day. A good day. My hotel is located in Potts Point, and I decided to walk from there to the chinese friendship garden. That could have taken approximately 40 minutes (according to google maps), but I left 10:15 am and arrived 15:01 pm. Now where did those hours go? Well let’s just say that walking by the harbor takes longer than I thought.


I just want to sit here forever.

It was a nice walk though. I stopped for ice cream. I stopped for enjoying the sun on a lookout point. I stopped for trying to take selfies with the Opera house (trying, because parts of the touchscreen no longer work, so I can’t turn the camera. I physically have to turn the phone to take a picture of myself – taking selfies like… Before selfies!)


Could have been worse, right?

Finally I arrived at my destination and enjoyed an hour in the garden. It was strange; so out of place. I could see the skyscrapers in the background. Hear the cars. However, as I sat down next to the waterfall, I felt at peace. I felt the chilling wind and smiled. “The locals I befriended in Cairns were right. It is colder here. You’re in Sydney. You’re in Sydney.” I told myself.


I’m probably one of the few that first realized I was in Sydney in the Chinese friendship garden.

9 thoughts on “Sydney – A Cold Welcome

    1. Waaay more fast-paced! But I agree, both places are amazing! I got lost today and walked and walked and walked. When I got back to my hotel I had found which ways I’m not going to go, and a shortcut to the one I should have taken.
      I love the harbor! Stunning 🙂

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    1. Så kjekt at du sier det May Kristin! Setter alltid pris på kommentarer 😀 Australia er et unikt land med så utrolig mye å by på. Koser med veldig:)


  1. There are so many green spots in that first picture. Doesn’t look like any of the big cities I’ve been to.
    Love the last picture. Wonderful contrast.

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