Happy Birthday, Norway!

17th of May is not just another day. It’s Norway’s constitution day! Norwegians know how to make a birthday party – one where all and everyone is invited and welcome. We meet up in the heart of the city where there will be parades, speeches, and lots and lots of good food. Barbecue and ice cream are the main courses!

Both kids and adults partake! 

17th of May is one of the days where everyone is truly friends with everyone. Congratulate whoever you want (we tell each other happy birthday), and be without a doubt that they will say it back.

In the parades some sing, some dance!

On this day we dress up in our finest, and for many that means the national costume: Bunad. It’s tailor-made and really expensive. However, we take great pride in wearing it.

Trying to look photogenic while running is a difficult task.

May 17th is day you will see the most smiles in Norway. Why not visit next year?

Me and my sister taking a break from the festivities in one of our favorite places.

Happy birthday, Norway!!

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