Up Over, but Down Under

I bet you thought I was done with Australia, didn’t you? However, it takes more than a week and a constitution day for me to be done with an adventure. I might have returned to Norway physically, but mentally I’m still partially there; at the other side of the world.

I’ll be going back. It might take me years, but I will go back Down Under.

I wake up too early in the morning these days – the jet lag still wearing off. It’s strange how quickly I have adapted to being back home. It’s almost like I was never gone. But I was. I was gone for five weeks. Five weeks of work, fun, and of an adventure I think I will always remember.

If all else fails, I’ll remember the first time I looked into this Frogmouth’s red, red eyes.

Sometimes I catch myself wondering if I am different from before I left. Looking in the mirror I still look the same (except for the tan of course). On my last biggest adventure yet, when I went to Africa, I felt like the changes took place so deep inside of me that only I knew they happened – like the roots of a tree grow without anyone but the tree knowing it.

Did Australia change me? Perhaps it’s too early to tell. If it didn’t? Maybe it was not about me changing myself, but about me changing something for someone else. If there is a list of truths about traveling then this one would make it on mine: When I meet the world, the world also meets me.

Maybe I only changed something for a koala, but that would be enough for me.

8 thoughts on “Up Over, but Down Under

      1. Don’t worry, I’m just rambling 😀 It’s a
        song called Warakurna, about the Aboriginal community returning to and living in their country after the area was used for nuclear tests. It tells about the strong bonds with country; and as it goes for many people, that once you leave country you always want to return – in one way or another Australia has always done that to me.

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        1. Ooooh, now I understand! Cool, I’ll check that song out! I just love how you and others from the wordpress community keep teaching me new stuff. I totally agree, Australia has that pull!:)

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