Retrospect: 9 Hopes for Australia

A little bit over a month ago I wrote the post 9 Hopes for Australia. Now that I am back in Norway it’s time to take a look at how it turned out.

1. Take a kangaroo selfie – I had some trouble, but yup!

Remember I mistook a wallaby for a roo? Oh how much I still had to learn at that point.

2. Hold a koala

Not the most fun creature, but so soft I could have held him for hours.

3. Have a good time at my volunteer project – Would have been hard not to!

I haven’t written that much about it, but from time to time my work took me to a Butterfly Sanctuary. You should have seen my face when I learned that butterflies have scales. 

4. Make new international friends – I’ve been told I can come back any time and have a place to stay.

Oh, and these birds will have a special place in my heart. They kept interfering with my work, but I really didn’t mind.

5. Dive in the Great Barrier Reef – Snorkling counts, right?

Great Barrier Reef from above! Yes, I know it’s the same photo as in my previous post, but I’m still waiting for the pictures from the GoPro my friend had. I’ll do a post about it when I receive them!

6. Successfully escape a dangerous spider

Look carefully, to the right of our guide’s hand. Just how long are those legs?

7. Don’t be killed be a venomous snake – Never met a venomous one, thankfully.

How cute isn’t this python? Treating me like a tree!

8. Don’t be eaten by a crocodile – Accomplished!


9. Get off the island alive – I’m home, but for everyone that get’s this Lost reference – we all know I’ll have to go back.

Australia was all I wished it would be. Australia was more. 

27 thoughts on “Retrospect: 9 Hopes for Australia

    1. Oh no you didn’t! Haha, good one! Yeah, and as you know I did a lot of stuff that wasn’t on it too – I love how things that are unplanned sometimes just happen and become the highlight of the journey 🙂

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    1. It was awesome! The people I was with said it wasn’t as good as when they visited a few years ago, the reef as lost color due to bleaching, but to me, who was there for the first time – it was amazing. I saw a turtle, the corals were in all these different, beautiful colors, and I even met a few sharks! Worth every penny!:)

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        1. Yeah, it really is 😦 I saw several Reef sharks, but also a Grey Nurse Shark – totally freaked when I happened upon the last one! A once in a lifetime experience, no doubt 🙂


    1. My mind was too! Australia was amazing; you really should go there soon indeed!:)
      I tried to follow your username back to your blog, but it says your blog is empty? Welcome to my blog by the way:)

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    1. Yeah, it was really something. I’ll probably always remember it as one of my greatest adventures 🙂 Haha, I didn’t want it around me either at first, but then I figured that a snakebite can’t possibly be that much worse than a baboonbite, so I judt did it!:)

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