The City of Fashion

Milan. Milano. The world’s fashion capital and the moral capital of Italy. I had one day to check out what the rave is all about. Walking around, the Italians of Milan seemed to me to be very Italian – dark haired, relaxed, friendly and with a hint of dramatic. The citizens of Milan weren’t better or worse dressed than Italians elsewhere (in my opinion they’re all pretty well dressed). Perhaps I’m just not in the loop of where the fashonistas hang out these days.


If you can’t find people, find food. Lasagne

On my way to one of the most popular tourist attractions of Milan, the Duomo cathedral, I spotted a lot of street artists. In Norway we generally have few of them, so I stopped and looked at nearly everyone. They create a certain atmosphere, and in lack of a better word I’ll call it energetic. It makes people smile, which I just love.



Being the fifth largest Christian church in the world, it’s no wonder my first impression of the Duomo Cathedral was that it is massive. Rising to 108 meters and with more statues than any other church, it demanded my attention even from far away. As I came closer I took in it’s gothic style and realized the outside is so detailed that I could have looked at it for hours and still not have seen everything. Naturally I wanted to go to the top. I wanted to go inside too, but the queue was longer than endless. We’re talking hours, so that just wasn’t happening.


Which was too bad, because if the outside looks like this, imagine the inside!

All in all, Milan has made a great first impression on me. I wish I had had more time to explore and get a feel for the city. However, as I am currently on my way to Florence, all I can do is say “Arrivederci, Milano!”


The view from the top of the Duomo Cathedral.

10 thoughts on “The City of Fashion

  1. im not much of a fashion person as jeans and t-shirts are my “fashion.” lol im not much of a city person also, but what i do like about cities are the street artist/performers.

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    1. Truthfully, I’m not either. I just had this idea that when I visited Milan I would see all these people who were dressed to the latest fashion. However, people just seemed normal, which I didn’t mind:) Yeah, they are really cool sometimes!!:)

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