Why I Need a Staycation After a Vacation

I recently returned from a trip to Italy. It was beautiful, sunny and filled with fun adventures. It was also exhausting. I went from one place to another, and from there to somewhere else. Always new impressions. Always lots of people. No matter how much I might love this, because trust me I do – it drains me. I just came home from a vacation, so now I’m in desperate need of a staycation.

I need some quality time with these guys ❤

Have you heard of it before? It’s holidays spent at home. For me a staycation is usually more relaxing than a vacation. I know the enviornment; I am always in complete control. This doesn’t mean that a staycation have to be boring. Sometimes I choose to use my days to breath, and that’s all I’ll really do, but other times I’ll create new memories at every possible chance. I’ll go hiking, go on a roadtrip or try to come up with some new way of having fun.

Breathe. Breathe in the fresh summer evenings. Breathe in the silence. 

It comes down to the fact that I can choose which one I want – I can close my eyes and rest, or I can keep them wide open until I change my mind. I can just sleep, sleep until I’m ready to face the world once more. I believe that everyone needs a staycation, simply because everyone needs a break. These days vacations are filled with everything, and sometimes we need time filled with nothing.

Nothing but your crazy self!

15 thoughts on “Why I Need a Staycation After a Vacation

    1. Yes, we always travel away from our homes, so we never really explore the nearby enviornment! It feels great now that I’ve started though:) I’m glad you liked it!!:)


    1. Yey, a likeminded traveler!! I feel that most people travel and then start work right after returning, but I just can’t!
      Thank you for your nomination, I appreciate it and will hopefully get around to it in not too long😂

      Liked by 1 person

    1. They are indeed! One of my favorite types of vacations, every once in a while 🙂 And absolutely necessary – I would go broke if I never had a staycation instead of a vacation!


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