The Summer Bucket List

Even though I might have given you another impression in my previous post, I don’t plan on spending the whole summer “just” breathing. No, the sun is shining and Norway is waking up again! I want to find new mountains to hike, go see the sunset and find beaches I haven’t visited before. I want to spend night after night awake. On purpose.


And eat a whole lot of this…

Every summer I have this idea that this will be the one; the one time that I do everything that I want to do. Somehow I always end up not doing half of the stuff I plan. Summer 2016 is going to be different! So what if I start working again in July, I’ll find the time. I hereby commit to having as much fun as I can! If you want to do the same, but are lacking ideas, here’s my list. Feel free to comment with more!

  1. Go fishing
  2. Try to make popsicles
  3. Join a tour of my own city
  4. Try to make Norwegian food from scratch
  5. See the sunset (multiple times!)
  6. Blow bubbles ❤
  7. Find a new favorite beach
  8. Spend a ridiculous amount of time with my friends

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