The Old House

In Europe there’s a small country called Norway. In Norway there’s a small, small island called Hidra. On that island there’s a house. An old house, passed on from generation to generation – the rooms filled with memories that only the house remembers.

Hidra is such a small place that few Norwegians have heard of it. However, the ones that have know it’s famous for its beauty. It’s a popular place to get married, like this couple just has. 

The house used to be vibrant, alive – years ago, when it belonged to my grandmother. Now there’s a layer of dust everywhere I step. I should have been here more often, but today it is a house built with hands, not a home made up of hearts. It used to be, but there’s no longer people living here.

Time has stood still in this room. 

I could have invested, I could have tried. However, a house requires maintenance, it requires love and care. The horrible truth is that, as much as I wish that I  wanted to, I don’t truly want to stay here. I want to spend my summers abroad. I want to see the world.

This pile only grew… Thirteen bags and several hours later, the garden was done.

My dreams involve a passport, airplanes and exploration of places, far, far away. When I close my eyes I never see this old house, on this small, small island. It is a beautiful, serene place, and over the years I have given it little pieces of my heart. I love it, I just don’t love it enough.

Hidra ❤

4 thoughts on “The Old House

  1. Maybe you should share your feelings, thoughts and adventures with the house. Don’t give it up for this moment but keep it for future moments. A place to reflect on and to plan your adventures. Every Explorer needs a home base. 🙂

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    1. The trouble is I already have one. This old house was left to me and my siblings by our grandmother. I grew up 2-3 hours away. However, over the years things have changed, like they sometimes have to. I guess I’m just trying to figure things out, but I agree, every traveler needs a homebase:)

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  2. I completely Understand, my family and I used to have a vacation home similar, but sometimes we out grow them, and maybe the memories is sweeter than the property it self. This one warmed me from the inside.

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    1. Thank you so much for your comment, I’m glad I’m not alone about this! I wish I could love the house as much as I love the memories, but it is as you say – sometimes we grow out of them.

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