Let the Butterflies Be

When I think of past summers I remember chasing butterflies. I remember catching them. I reget that now. However, no one ever taught me the consequenses of catching a butterfly. No one ever told me that it would shorten their lifespan. Not until I  volunteered in a butterfly sanctuary in Australia, April – May 2016.

One of my favorites, a Common Eggfly. Sometimes there’s something extraordinary about the ordinary.

Like fish, butterflies have scales. They need them for their color and to flap their wings. Usually they’ll shed them slowly throughout life. When you touch them you interfere, and more scales than the butterfly is supposed to lose come off – this is the powder you can feel on your fingers. The butterfly might look fine, but you stole valuable time form its life.

A butterfly at the end of her days. There’s soon to be one less butterfly to care for the ecosystem and be an indicator of biodiversity.

We shouldn’t encourage kids to catch them. We shouldn’t catch them ourselves. They have to digest themselves to change from a caterpillar to a butterfly. I think they’ve been through enough. Let the butterflies be.

Fly little one, fly. Live the month you’re supposed to.

20 thoughts on “Let the Butterflies Be

    1. I’m happy I finally know myself and can be of help! Thank you!

      An thanks for the nomination, I’ve been nominated before, but I’ve never really gotten around to actually doing something about it. I’m really bad at accepting challenges and awards! 🙂

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  1. Thanks for sharing this message!

    At first, I had to snicker at “Fly, little one. Live the month you’re supposed to.” But I quickly retracted the snicker. We all have our own reality, and a butterfly’s one month means as much to him as my 90 years (here’s hoping!) mean to me.

    PS- You volunteered in an Australian butterfly sanctuary? What a dream!

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    1. One moth is the avarage lifespan. Sometimes I wonder how they perceive time, is a day as short to them as to us? Are their minutes longer? I volunteered for a month, so I had a lot of time to think about it. It truly was a dream, not one that I had previous to coming there, but it quickly became one!

      Haha, don’t we all hope to live long lives! I certainly plan to! 🙂

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