After a vacation comes…

Work. If you travel a lot like me, chances are you do one of two things: you work sporadically or you work for months (and months) and travel as far as the money goes. The first option suits me well, so this year I’ve worked on and off, on and off. At times that can be really stressful.

And really wet…

I’m a health worker in the home care division. I visit people in their homes to help them with their daily needs and check that everything’s okay. Sometimes it’s a quick visit to deliver medicine, other times I help the patient take a shower or get to bed. In Norway this service is free and provided by the different municipalities.

One of my first days at work, so stoked to be wearing a uniform!

It’s a pretty cool job. I get to explore my own city while doing something useful. I’m always up to date on the latest hits (can’t drive around without music!) and elderly people tell the most amazing stories.

Plus I see sundowns I normally wouldn’t if I had been at home. 

Most of the time I don’t mind that it’s hard work, both physically and mentally. When I first started, last year, my worst fear was to connect with someone and then find them dead. I can’t tell you how many times I have entered a new home, called hello and had no answer. Often it’s because they don’t hear me though, thankfully.

What I do mind is that my coworkers seldom do this, but someone has to…

Now, the downside. At the beginning of each day, we each get a list of patients we are to visit. We get a time to be there and how long it’s advised to stay. The list is not in order, so I have to figure out myself who to visit fist. I’ve been as much as an hour late; my patient was very impatient.

A smile goes a long way. So does “I’m so, so, sorry” and “I’m new…”

The more you work, the more you get to know the different lists and patients. It becomes easier to calculate and deal with unforseen situations. Working on and off like me prevents me from this, as patients always come and go. But hey, at least I learn to deal with stress! And during the hardest of days, I remember that dream I have. The one of traveling the world.

Some day I’ll see elephants again. Photo taken through binoculars.

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