Why PokemonGo?

I have found my true calling: I’m going to be a Pokemon trainer. It’s hard work, and definitely time consuming, but it’s time to Catch Them All!

PokemonGo hasn’t been released in Norway yet, but, um… Well, I’ve got it. Like everyone else. I downloaded it recently, and since then it’s all I’ve been doing. Now I finally understand why people keep walking into streetlights. I barely survived my first hunt – those cyclists really need to watch where they’re going, us trainers have more important things to do.

That feeling when you catch your first pokemon!

Why is PokemonGo so great? Aside from the obvious fact that it’s Pokemon? Firstly: it opens up a whole new world. Imagine Harry Potter Go! Secondly: People are going out again! Sure, they’re all glued to their phones, but one of these days the creators are going to make it possible for us to play together (so we can battle, no doubt). We’re all going to meet new, slightly crazy, people!

Cubone!! Scary-looking, this one, but gotta catch ’em all!

Last, but not least, the game takes the edge off exploring; as long as people have pokemon they’re not scared of going new places or getting lost. Pokemon trainers are adventurers! So why PokemonGo? I ask you why PokemonNot!

27 thoughts on “Why PokemonGo?

  1. I’m gonna wait till it officilaly comes out in Norway (you know me). But I’m so afraid of getting addicted! xD Just thinking about how many hours I spent with my game boy playing Pokemon a few years ago…

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  2. Another big joke in America right now is that adults are pretty much fighting the kids to catch Pokemon haha. Also, it’s crazy how much it connects you to other people! My husband stopped by a parking lot, took over the gym located there, and looked over to see a woman in the car next to him giving him a thumbs up. Team blue! Haha

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    1. Haha! I love how people meet through this! And it’s crazy, yesterday evening I went out for a stroll (or should I say I went out to hunt?) and as I rounded a corner I expected to find pokemon, but I found a fire! Someone had lit up some trash. I never would have experienced this if I hadn’t been playing PokemonGo, it truly is a game for adventurers!

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    1. I wish people would yell that here too! Here everyone just walks around trying, but failing, to be discreet about it. There’s a whole lot of people playing though, and I keep running into them – so fun to meet ar random like that! I’m totally a part of the underdogs though, so team YELLOW all the way!!


        1. I feel like people are more including and social when they realize you’re a pokemonGo player. It’s so strange, I can suddenly talk to anyone, and anyone can suddenly start talking to me. Like just today, this random guy came up to me and wondered if he could see what the game was like, he didn’t understand the hype. I’m pretty sure he went on to download it though 🙂


    1. The Lord of the Rings Go would be awesome!! They would have to do something new though; the hype will eventually die. I think PokemonGo has introduced a new way to play games, which gives so many new opportunities. Can’t wait for the VR to hit the market (in a cheaper form so that normal people can actually buy it).


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