The Happy Food Festival

There’s one festival I go to every summer. In norwegian it’s called “Gladmat” which directly translates to HappyFood. It’s a festival held in my own city, Stavanger, and there’s food from all over the world. From Norwegian to Ethiopian to Indian.

Omnomnom. Yum ❤

I think food is a great way of experiencing different cultures. If you want to experience Norway, one of the things you would have to try is our fish. We are very proud of it, and before we found oil it was basically how we made a living.

Not my picture, but it shows the atmosphere perfectly.

Gladmat is a festival for everyone, all ages, and good food brings people together. I don’t think you’ll ever get more smiles from Norwegians of Stavanger, than on Gladmat. Happy eating folks!


11 thoughts on “The Happy Food Festival

  1. Gladmat sounds like a great festival. Og jeg er sulten nå. (That’s all I could come up with, with what Norwegian I have learnt till now.) Haha. Thank you for letting me discover this blog. I look forward to follow your stories and post part Norwegian and part English comments. 😀

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    1. How cool isn’t it that you’re learning Norwegian! Welcome to Green Lights Ahead, I look forward to your commens! Håper du syns det er kjekt å lære norsk! 🙂


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