The Transformation

I’ve spent my last days home trying to make a difference. However, my garden is filled with stubborn beings, and changing it became much more time consuming than I thought…

I forgot to take a picture before I trimmed it, but they’re beasts.

Like transformations often do, the incessant gardening attracted people. The whole neighbourhood had to konw what was going on. One by one they stopped by, blinking surprised at the fact that something was actaully, finally, being done.

The neighbor’s cat couldn’t believe his eyes and had to get his paws in there.

It wasn’t easy (especially since someone had buried their internet cord next to our hedge), but eventually everything was uprooted. When I return there’ll be a different garden awaiting me, with different plants.

Grow little one, grow. This is your new home. I hope you’ll be happy here.

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