Happiness is Homemade

I don’t think you realize that you’ve moved out of your childhood home before you sleep the first night alone in your new place. Then it suddenly gets real. Probably because of the new sounds. The new smells. The new everything. Most of it from IKEA.

Which is place built like a maze you’ll never find your way out of.ย 

In Norway we have this system where students can apply for a bedroom in a tiny appartment. The bathroom and kitchen are shared with other students. I’m going to share with one girl and a guy I haven’t met yet. By the looks of it all of their things are from IKEA too. I might spend the next three years with them, so I pray we’ll get along.

I wonder if they had an equally hard time setting up their furniture, because seriously, even with help it took me hours.

Moving out for the first time is scary, but oh so exiting. I finally feel at peace with my decision to start my studies this year. I’ll make a home out of my new room, I’ll make it a place where I feel safe and happy. In Norwegian we have a saying “Enhver er sin egen lykkes smed”, which basically means:ย “Everyone is the architect of his own fortune” Attitude is key!

Home, sweet home! And yes, that is a double bed. Sometimes happiness can be a great night’s sleep too!

19 thoughts on “Happiness is Homemade

    1. The room I was appointed was unfurnished and completely empty except for a wardrobe. Everything you see is my own stuff. I agree that the room is big though, much bigger than I thought it would be, and it is cleaner too. I don’t think all the students that are going to live in this building have moved in yet, but for now it is fairly quite too. I think I’ll like it here! ๐Ÿ™‚

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        1. Some of our rooms come furnished too, and I agree, it’s easier to make it your own when there is right about nothing. Thank you for your comment Dannii, you always have something nice to say! ๐Ÿ™‚

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  1. That brings back memories when I shared at university in Illinois with two other fellows back in the 60’s. Lost track of them both long ago. Males and females together then a no-no. Furniture was provided. Fun times–enjoy while you can!

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