The End of Summer

I’ve moved to Bergen (where it rains even more than in Stavanger), and have had (today) my first day of school.

Summer is over for me, so let’s take a look at how my summer plans played out, shall we?

  1. Go fishing
  2. Try to make popsicles
    I both succeeded and failed with these ones, haha.
  3. Join a tour of my own city (woops, well there’s always next summer!)
  4. Try to make Norwegian food from scratch
    These are called “Komler”. They consist of grated potatoes and flour. We boil them and eat them with sausages, carrots and rutabaga.

  5. See the sunset (multiple times!)
  6. Blow bubbles❤
  7. Find a new favorite beach (Next summer, next summer!)
  8. Spend a ridiculous amount of time with my friendsDSC_2001.JPG
    Missing them, even though we still talk almost every day ❤

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