A Norwegian’s view on 9/11

I am a Norwegian, and was very young when it happened. So I, unlike others who remember where they were and what they did, have only been told what my reaction was like. I said to my older sister when she was scared of plains crashing into buildings: “Why are you scared? We can just duck.” The innocence of age.

The effects of 9/11 came quickly – surveillance, immigration vs deportation and ongoing wars. Suddenly the word “enemy” had a face. There was confusion. Anger. Grief. It was an attack on beautiful New York. It was  an attack on one of our most loved values – our freedom. Our freedom. Everyone’s freedom.

I was not there. I cannot remember what it was like to lose the two most dominant buildings of New York. New York’s pride. However, I have been here since. I have watched as hope has been rebuilt, and the city has been reclaimed. Freedom is everywhere in New York. I wish it could have been everywhere in the world.


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