A Big BOOO To You

A late Halloween greeting, but on October 31st, 1981, something very significant happened. If you don’t know, you’re obviously not a Harry Potter fan. The date marks the deaths of Lily and James Potter and the end of the first wizarding war. And of course, it is the day Sir Nicholas de Mimsy-Porpington became Nearly Headless Nick: everyone’s favorite ghost since 1492.

I was a looker on Halloween…

I’ve carved my first pumpkin this year. Yes, for the first time ever. It was both harder and easier than I imagined. Harder to cut through, easier to empty.

I hope you can see the scar I tried to carve ❤

In the spirit of Halloween, I played a few tricks on one of my roommates: A spider on the toilet-paper to induce a tiny heart-attack.


Believe it or not, it totally worked!

I hope you all enjoyed the night, and had some innocent fun on someone else’s behalf!

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