16 thoughts on “Donald Trump is the new President

  1. It’s the end of the world as we know it, and I (don’t) feel fine – Apologies to REM. I can’t believe we did this. I’ve been numb all day, worrying about what’s going to happen to my non “Real American” friends. I heard the Canadian immigration website crashed last night from all the Americans trying to access it.

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    1. I heard that about the Canadian site too. I would have laughed about it, but it really isn’t funny when thinking of people like your friends. Thank goodness there are still people that there are still people who will fight for them and for what is right!

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  2. just found your blog and these posts and as an american its really incredible to see the impact this has had across the world. I stay up to date with basic politics of other countries because it’s good to be informed, but you stay up to date because you’re scared with us and effects you too. this just brought a whole new understand to my world view and our relations in it. thanks for sharing your thoughts, excited to see more of them

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    1. Hey! Welcome to my blog! It seems strange at first, doesn’t it? How your country can affect mine, even though they are so far apart. It used to be reassuring; we would support each other, but as the election progressed it became scary. Because what if [President] Trump actually went through with what he said about the EU and NATO? What if he acutally did a lot of the insane things he said he would. The consequences would be massive, not just for my country – but for every single one. Today we are all connected, thankfully, and sadly, both at once.
      Thank you for your kind words and comment, I really appreciate you sharing your thoughts!:)

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