Netflix, how could you?

Some days I’ll do anything to avoid being productive. Cue Netflix. However, the other day I had a nasty shock.

Netflix has cancelled their production of my favorite show – Sense8. The last season, season two, left the viewers with a massive cliffhanger. Now I’m never going to know how it turned out. My only comfort is that I can rewatch the first seasons again and again (and again).

It feels like I’ve been robbed. Robbed of future good moments, of intense excitement, and of heartfelt agony and triumph for and with the characters. Which show am I now going to look forward to with the same childish joy? Which show can I turn to, that can provide me with the same crazy plot and lovable characters?

I might be overreacting, but how could you Netflix,


Bilderesultat for sense8

In loving memory of the greatest show Netflix has ever produced.

15 thoughts on “Netflix, how could you?

  1. Cancellation of a great show leaves me feeling hurt and angry. I get really INVOLVED with my favorite characters.

    This is how I felt about the abrupt end of “Firefly.” Thank heavens, they made a movie to resolve some of it.

    That is my favorite (video) sci fi franchise ever. The ensemble cast was just fantastic.

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    1. Haha, then you save yourself a lot of time! And in this instance grief – I already miss the show. But there will be other great shows (eventually), thank goodness😁


    1. I’m heartbroken too 😦 Mhm!! Although being without season two would be horrible as well, but the least they could do was to give the writers a warning or something, for now it feels like an open wound 😦

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    1. I wasn’t sure how to feel about it in the beginning either; it’s kind of confusing. But once you get to know the characters you’ll love it! Unless it gets to crazy for you, because it does go far and beyond😂💗


  2. I’m not done pestering Netflix and challenging this poor decision. There are too many mediocre shows with lower budgets still being made. Let’s consolidate those and put the funds towards something complex, intricate, worldly. That’s Sense8. I pay Netflix so I’ll be speaking up. I hope you will too.

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