Nesebar – The City of Roses

We went to Nesebar to see a different part of Bulgaria. The old town was everything we hoped it would be. Serene, homly, and full of ruins. The new part was pretty similar, only sans the ruins and with slightly newer buildings.


Ruin of a church, Old town.

Old Nesebar, a tourist magnet, had the unique silence of a beautiful place that don’t need to be loud to be noticed. We walked around and took in the sights – visted a church, and stopped by one of the tiny shops that sold rose-related products. Roses were everywhere in Nessebar, both in the old and new part.


I will forever remember it as the city of roses.

Walking here and there, no destination in mind, we enjoyed the view. We were also entertained by a local who tried to convince us to eat at his restaurant by speaking Norwegian. I wonder what it must be like to constantly have your city crowded with tourists. Good for business, but otherwise?


This picture doesn’t do the ocean justice, it was azure and clear – effortlessly amazing.

The atmosphere in Nesebar makes it worth a visit, so if you’re ever in Bulgaria – do take a day trip, and enjoy lots and lots of (cheap) ice cream in one of the cute, local cafés!


11 thoughts on “Nesebar – The City of Roses

  1. Growing up in America (in the USA’s City of Roses, by the way!), Bulgaria was somewhere like “Timbuktu.” It was code for “far away and impossibly different from here;” even primitive. I couldn’t have told you a thing about it, except that it was in Europe somewhere.

    But, for my husband, who was born in the Soviet Union, Bulgarian products were the best of the best. You were fortunate to get some luxury item made in Bulgaria.

    Perspective is so relative. I think it is fascinating.

    These photos are lovely. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

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    1. Oh, I didn’t know there was a real City of Roses! Bet it is beautiful!

      I agree, perspective is everything. To me, things here seem old – they barely take card. However, that’s one of the aspects I like about Bulgaria (although, it will be good getting home to a better wifi). I love experiencing different cultures and ways of life though – it is part of why traveling is so fun:)

      And thank you for reading and commenting! Always love to hear other people’s opinions!


  2. I’ve always adored the fragrance of Bulgarian roses. I’ve had a rose water toner my friend brought as a gift from there. Amazing – so jealous! 🙂

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  3. Nesebar is on my list! Although from Romania, I have actually did not travel too much in Bulgaria, until this year.. when we did a 5 days trip, by car to Veliko Tarnovo, Arbanasi and Plovdiv, and discovered that there are so many great places to see here.
    Here are the first articles about the trip:

    Would love to have back your support and follow as you have mine!

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