Dublin, Ireland

Dublin is organized chaos. It is a mix of soft and hard, modern and old. In one moment you can walk down cobblestone streets with flowers hanging from every lamppost. In the next, the edges of the modern houses are in sharp contrast to the traditional brick ones. And then, suddenly, palm trees.


The traditional Irish weather is overcast, with a strong chance of lots of rain. 

Dublin is the largest city and capital of Ireland. Walking around today, you’d never think it started as a Viking settlement. The citizens seem constantly happy, and the sound of clinking glasses and Irish music drift out through the open doors of the many local pubs – seven days a week. Inbetween there’s loud voices speaking polite words.


You can find the Dublin Castle amongst colorful new buildings.

I love Dublin so far. It is welcoming and tourist-friendly. My only objection is that if you can’t party like the Irish – find a hotel outside of the city centre. Irish people believe that a couple of pints a day keeps the doctor away, and sleep is therefore overrated. Lastly, if someone asks you to join them for “strong tea”, you better believe it’s not tea.


I’m in love with these lampposts ❤

40 thoughts on “Dublin, Ireland

  1. Sounds like you are having an awesome time there 🙂 Except for the lack of sleep :/ Dublin sounds like an amazing city, reminds me a bit about Liverpool actually. Enjoy the rest of your stay in Ireland!

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  2. You generalise so well!
    Spot on!! A hard and soft place… equally appealing and offensive, dirty and grimy but hey, for many it’s home and that’s where they say the heart is!
    I love walking the streets… have done so often and captured her many moods! 😉


    1. Thank you, I’m so glad you liked it! I really loved Dublin, it had such a unique atmosphere, and you’re right – for some people it is indeed home. And that is as you say – where the heart is ❤

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