The Cardiac Medical Ward

It’s me again. Still alive.

If you wonder where I’ve been; I’ve spent the last month in the cardiac medical ward. As an employee, thankfully. I got a summer job as an assistant. I’ve learned a great deal, and I’ve never been more sure of my choice of studying nursing.


However, it’s only now I fully realize what I’ve gotten myself into. Picture walking into a room, and wonder if the person there is breathing. Picture having a pleasant conversation, and it suddenly turns into “can you hear me? Hey, are you still with me?” and an emergency team. At all times, two heartbeats may turn to one.


The absence of a heartbeat is the loudest silence I’ve ever heard.

Now, don’t misunderstand me, most of the time everything turns out okay. One evening might be about her heartbeat slowing and mine racing, but the next morning it’ll be like it never happened, and we go back to me saying “bear with me, I’m sure I’ll figure out how to change ECG/EKG paper eventually…” and she replying “I remember being a student, oh those were the days…”


This picture is from the basement. Want to guess how many times I got lost down here?

In Norway, it takes three years to become a nurse. In the fall I start my second year. It’s still a long road in front of me, but what an adventure. And at this moment, I see only green lights ahead.


Netflix, how could you?

Some days I’ll do anything to avoid being productive. Cue Netflix. However, the other day I had a nasty shock.

Netflix has cancelled their production of my favorite show – Sense8. The last season, season two, left the viewers with a massive cliffhanger. Now I’m never going to know how it turned out. My only comfort is that I can rewatch the first seasons again and again (and again).

It feels like I’ve been robbed. Robbed of future good moments, of intense excitement, and of heartfelt agony and triumph for and with the characters. Which show am I now going to look forward to with the same childish joy? Which show can I turn to, that can provide me with the same crazy plot and lovable characters?

I might be overreacting, but how could you Netflix,


Bilderesultat for sense8

In loving memory of the greatest show Netflix has ever produced.

A 100 Times I’ve Told You

My secrets. My thoughts. My feelings. I’ve given you my words. To have and to hold. Bits and pieces of a life lived far, far away from your own. This is my hundred post.


A 100 times I’ve told you thank you. Yet, I feel like it should be 101. Thank you.

An Open Letter to My Followers

500 followers. Half of you probably don’t know you still follow, and half of the other half followed because you hoped I would follow back. The ensuing words are to those left. Those who continuously read my posts, have my back and make me smile.

You’ve given me so much since I started blogging last September. You made me push my limits when I tried to make excuses not to. You suffered through my early blogging days, and were still here when I came back from a break.


I want to say thank you. Thank you for coming along on my journeys and staying by my side. Thank you for your comments; your insights, your encouragement, all of those hilarious jokes. I have loved getting to know you, and it is because of you I still blog.

Thank you!!

Happiness is Homemade

I don’t think you realize that you’ve moved out of your childhood home before you sleep the first night alone in your new place. Then it suddenly gets real. Probably because of the new sounds. The new smells. The new everything. Most of it from IKEA.

Which is place built like a maze you’ll never find your way out of. 

In Norway we have this system where students can apply for a bedroom in a tiny appartment. The bathroom and kitchen are shared with other students. I’m going to share with one girl and a guy I haven’t met yet. By the looks of it all of their things are from IKEA too. I might spend the next three years with them, so I pray we’ll get along.

I wonder if they had an equally hard time setting up their furniture, because seriously, even with help it took me hours.

Moving out for the first time is scary, but oh so exiting. I finally feel at peace with my decision to start my studies this year. I’ll make a home out of my new room, I’ll make it a place where I feel safe and happy. In Norwegian we have a saying “Enhver er sin egen lykkes smed”, which basically means: “Everyone is the architect of his own fortune” Attitude is key!

Home, sweet home! And yes, that is a double bed. Sometimes happiness can be a great night’s sleep too!

The Beginning of the End

I’ve been thinking about this post for a while now. You see, I got in. I’m going to become a nurse. In Norway we start school in mid-August and end it right before summer. Therefore it’s almost time to say goodbye to the Gap Year I’ve had. Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened, they say.

My thoughts are back to being seagulls: many, uncontrolled, going around and around.

If I could go anywhere I wanted, where would I be headed right now? I’ve asked myself this question before. I found the answer to be “certainly not to school”. However, it was a different time. Maybe even a different me. This little detour is crucial for my future, but look what I just called it.

Last year I knew a Gap Year was right for me, I needed time to figure things out, to try myself in new settings. I slept soundly again for the first time in years.

An education is necessary, and I think I will like nursing. I hope I will. I want to like it. Even though it’s the beginning of the end of my Gap year, it’s the beginning of something else too. The beginning of a different road. A promise of new crossroads to come. Even though I choose to go left now, I believe I will still find green lights ahead.

Because dreams do come true. I would know.