Selfie with a camel

Before I tell you about an adventure I soon will start, I want to tell you about one that recently passed. One of camels and walking on the bottom of the sea.

A friend and I spent 8 days of August in a lovely island country called Cyprus. It is located south of Turkey and west of Syria and Lebanon. In 2013 its population was estimated to be 1,141,166 people (thank you Wikipedia).

We stayed at Sancta Napa hotel, in Ayia Napa. The city is mostly known for partying, but we found plenty of other fun things to do through a travel agency called Startour (it specializes in Scandinavian tourists).

Such as an amazing watershow where they, amongst other things, simulated a volcano erupting.

The first days we mostly spent sunbathing and exploring. It was way too hot. Over 35 degrees, nearly 40. The ocean was just right though, and it had large waves – which made for a lot of fun (not advisable to try to float on your back, unless you enjoy salt in your eyes).

Camel riding is something everyone should try. I really wanted to sing “Bumpy ride”, but I had a feeling that the others would stare, so I thought better of it. The camel I rode, or all the camels for that matter, was surprisingly tall, so when it stood up, I nearly fell off.
I would have said that this was a once in a lifetime experience, but I hope to travel to countries such as Egypt, and when I do, I will definitely go for another camel ride – uncomfortable as it may be.



Walking under water. It sounds ridiculous, because it’s not possible, right?
Right, under most circumstances. However, it is, if you’re wearing a 20 – 30 kg helmet linked to a tube that supplies you with air. I was so nervous when we were picked up at the hotel. What on earth had I signed me and my friend up for? Going down 5 meters, for half an hour?
Luckily the driver picked up a man and his son as well; the boy was probably around seven. If a seven year old could do it; I could do it.
Going down to the bottom, all I saw were bubbles. They were all around me and there was an odd “woosh” noise, I can’t really describe it. The pressure was immediate, but it equalized quickly.
We walked around on the bottom of the sea, probably looking foolish, as we walked like I imagine astronauts do.
There was a guy with us, he showed us around, gave us food so that we could feed the fish and took pictures.
If I ever meet someone¬†going to Cyprus, this experience is the first I will recommend. It’s an adventure; one I would do again.


P.S. if you want to go to Cyprus, and decide to stay in Ayia Napa, do not choose Sancta Napa Hotel. We shared our room with ants.