Pride 2017

“Be yourself, everyone else is already taken” – Oscar Wilde.

Bergen celebrated Pride this weekend. People took to the streets. Some members of the LGBTQ community, some just supporters of it.


I love the Pride parade. I love how there are people of all ages, all genders, all nationalities and all sexualities. The Pride parade is a chance for everyone to gather and celebrate differences. It’s a chance to remind eachother that it’s okay; it’s okay to be who you are.


“Every reason not to, is a reason to participate”

I love love. To me it’s milkshakes, thunderstorms and friends. To me it’s laughter and a tiny bit of adrenaline. Love is different to everyone, and yet it is always the same. Everyone knows love. Everyone does it, everyone feels it. It shouldn’t matter who loves who, only that they do.

I saved the best picture for last:

Me with a unicorn – my life is officially complete.

A Fairytale


Once upon a winter there was a street filled with dull and naked trees.

It was on top of a hill, only vistited by the people who lived there.

Gradually they felt colder and colder, and eventually gave up hope for warmer days.

But then, from a faraway place, spring came.

He whispered about a light breeze and long sunny days.

He told tales of the ocean, and hot sand between toes.

The trees listened, and blossomed once more.

The people listened, and smiled like they did before.


And when the birds came to Fairytale street,

They were told to spread the news

She’s coming, Summer’s coming.

The one who will make us believe

In everything good, in everything sweet.

She will give us a happy ever after

If so only,

For a season.

The End of Summer

I’ve moved to Bergen (where it rains even more than in Stavanger), and have had (today) my first day of school.

Summer is over for me, so let’s take a look at how my summer plans played out, shall we?

  1. Go fishing
  2. Try to make popsicles
    I both succeeded and failed with these ones, haha.
  3. Join a tour of my own city (woops, well there’s always next summer!)
  4. Try to make Norwegian food from scratch
    These are called “Komler”. They consist of grated potatoes and flour. We boil them and eat them with sausages, carrots and rutabaga.

  5. See the sunset (multiple times!)
  6. Blow bubbles❤
  7. Find a new favorite beach (Next summer, next summer!)
  8. Spend a ridiculous amount of time with my friendsDSC_2001.JPG
    Missing them, even though we still talk almost every day ❤

The Transformation

I’ve spent my last days home trying to make a difference. However, my garden is filled with stubborn beings, and changing it became much more time consuming than I thought…

I forgot to take a picture before I trimmed it, but they’re beasts.

Like transformations often do, the incessant gardening attracted people. The whole neighbourhood had to konw what was going on. One by one they stopped by, blinking surprised at the fact that something was actaully, finally, being done.

The neighbor’s cat couldn’t believe his eyes and had to get his paws in there.

It wasn’t easy (especially since someone had buried their internet cord next to our hedge), but eventually everything was uprooted. When I return there’ll be a different garden awaiting me, with different plants.

Grow little one, grow. This is your new home. I hope you’ll be happy here.